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About Tin Ship Productions
Tin Ship Productions is made up of Michael Mallard, Patricia Mallard, and Will Sturtevant. We are a group of people that noticed our country was going in a different direction than the U.S. Constitution should allow it. Fearing that many Media Outlets did not have our need for truth in mind, we picked up a camera, starting recording and archiving video that we could gather on our own. Before long it was obvious we were on our way to making a Documentary. There may be some smaller releases along the way available at this site, so please check out our You Tube channel often.
Washington D.C. Grand Canyon

Will Sturtevant

Louisville, KY

Why 'Tin Ship Productions'?

We have often been asked “Why ‘Tin Ship Productions’?”


Mike is credited with coming up with the name and when he explained it to me, it made perfect sense.


Here is the breakdown and theory;



 We use the term “Tin” affectionately with sentiment and pride.  A “Tin Can Sailor” is a term reserved for those Navy sailors who have served aboard a Destroyer.   Mike and I met while serving on the U.S.S. O’Bannon DD 987, a Spruance Class Destroyer.  We were fast friends and both had a passion for video work. We were the individuals to most likely to be carrying a camera around the ship at that time.  Pat kept the home fires burning for Mike and never failed to support us from afar.  We were a team long before we knew it.



 "Ship” as we use it, in a sense, refers to a call to duty.

 Every ship has a very deliberate design, each design serves a specific mission and is founded on the successes and failures of past vessels. The construction, functionality and integrity are to best of the designer’s ability.  It is the responsibility of a ships crew to accommodate and make-up for the inherent shortcomings of the ships design, but most importantly maximize its strengths.


The crew is the heartbeat of the ship and integral to the success of the ship’s mission.  Every individual from the Captain to the Yeoman are vital to the ship’s operation and integrity.  When the integrity of a ship is compromised, it cannot perform its mission effectively and if left unchecked, could ultimately lead to the demise of the ship and crew.  When a ship is underway and the seas are unforgiving, all hands come to call.  (All hands is the whistle we use in the beginning of our videos) Whether that ship stays afloat or sinks is dependent of every crewmember putting aside their fears and differences and performing their duty to the best of their abilities.  Maintaining the integrity of the ship is paramount to the survival of all.


The way we see it, the U.S. Constitution is much like a ship.  Its design serves a specific mission and is partly founded on the successes and failures of past regimes.  The U.S. Constitution’s construction, functionality, and integrity are to the best of the designer’s ability, (and speaking for our team, a fine job the founding fathers made of it as well).  It’s integrity and functionality must be maintained in order for it to perform its mission and survive. In that respect, citizens are much like the crew of the ship.


Every citizen, from the administrative role of President of the United States, to the blue-collar worker, is vital in keeping the constitution afloat and relevant. Whether one takes an oath to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution or chooses to enjoy his or her inherent rights protected there under, everyone has a role to play and duty to perform.  A U.S. Citizen’s duty is to arm themselves with knowledge and truth and to act accordingly; not become a lemming, reduced to regurgitating mass media spins and vacuous political and social agenda talking points.  Whether the U.S. Constitution stays afloat or sinks is dependent of every citizen putting aside their fears and differences and performing their duty to the best of their abilities.


Maintaining the integrity of the U.S. Constitution is paramount to the survival our great nation.


We may not all agree with one another; but if we ground ourselves with integrity and respect, we may just discover that our differences are our strength.


These are troubling times.  Like it or not people, it’s “All hands on deck.”



-Will Sturtevant,

Tin Ship Productions

U.S. Navy Veteran




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